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>Science and technology constitute the primary productive force.

As a backbone enterprise in the machine building industry, the core of competitiveness of SASPG is its strong technological capability. The company has a provincial technical center, Sichuan Cryogenic Equipment Research Institute, welding research institute and engineering technology institute and propels the digitalization of design. The company has maintained its leadership in terms of technology through introducing first class international analysis/design soft wares, cooperating with prestigious universities in China and with well-known international companies and independent innovation. The patents developed by the company have been widely used and more than 20 products have filled the technological gap in China.

SASPG has the first-class international analysis/design soft wares, which have already been successfully used in the product design. Now we can design and manufacture the air separation plants with the capacity up to 63,000 Nm3/h. and have ability to develop the air separation plants with the capacity up to 80,000 ~ 120,000 Nm3/h. SASPG is the largest oxygen & nitrogen liquefier manufacturer in China. The capacity of the liquefiers ranges from 50TPD to 1000TPD.

SASPG is the first and currently the largest company in China engaged in designing and manufacturing natural gas (associated gas) liquefaction & separation plants and has developed the natural gas liquefaction plant with a mixed refrigerant process, with expander-made refrigeration, with de-nitrification process, and with heavy hydrocarbon washing process. A maximum extend localized natural gas liquefaction plant with capacity of 2000,000 Nm3/d, 600,000 Nm3/d has been put into operation.

SASPG uses the internationally advanced NREC soft ware in turbo-expander design and the CAE soft ware to analyze the performance and meanwhile uses the five-axis milling machine and the three-axis measuring machine for fabrication, inspection and performance testing to maintain the leadership in domestic booster turbo-expander manufacturing. 1500KW expander power generation applicable to energy saving and environmental protection has been accepted by client and now is in steady operation.

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