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Fabrication Facility

>SASPG has used specialized fabrication facility in the manufacturing process.

SASPG has strengthened its fabrication capacity through purchasing advanced fabrication facility from home and abroad, such as large-sized precision & advanced digital control machine-tools and equipment and automatic welding machines.

• Five-Axis Digital Control Milling Machine (Imported)

• Three-Axis Digital Control Measuring Machine, GAMMA0102

• Horizontal Machining Center

• Digital Control Lathe (Import)

• Digital Control Flame Cutter (Import)

• Digital Control Submerged Plasma Cutter (Import)

• Digital Control Electric Spark Wire Cutter

• Digital Control Coordinate Setting Drilling & Boring Machine

• Digital Control Universal Material Testing Machine

• 6300 Vessel Head Dishing & Flanging Machine (Import)

• 4000 T Hydraulic Press

• Digital Control Aluminum Fin Forming Machine

• Large-Sized Vacuum Brazing Furnace, 6300x1250x1250 mm

• Large-Sized Vacuum Brazing Furnace, 10000x1350x1600 mm

• Aluminum Fin Cleaning Machine (Import)

• Large-Sized Annealing Furnace, 24000x4500x6000 mm 12 M Edge Planer

• 50mm, 30 mm and less-sized Plate Benders

• 3×160T Travelling Crane

• Sieve Tray Puncher

• Sieve Tray Leveler

• Large-Sized Sectional Steel Bender

• 3.4 M, 2.5 M & 1.6 M Vertical Lathes

• High-evacuating Unit

• T67, T68, T6112&TX6113 Boring Machines

• B2515 Frame Planer, etc

• Automatic & Semi-Automatic Welding Equipment (Import)

• Aluminum Alloy Internal/External Combination

Longitudinal-Circumferential Welding System (Import)

• X-ray/y-ray NDT Equipment

• Automatic Film Developing Device (Import)

• Dynamic Balance Testing Machine

• Impeller Over-speed Tester

• Impeller Brazing Device

• Turbo-expander Testing Station

• All kinds of machining equipment (including lathes, planers, milling machines, drillers, grinders, sawing machines, punching machines, cylinder grinding machines, punching & shearing machines and etc.)


160T Travelling Crane Dachuan wharf
Hydraulic Jacking Device for Up-side-down Construction of Large-sized Storage Tank Imported 12m Edge Planer
Imported Aluminum Pipe Automatic Argon Arc Welding Machine Imported Five-Axis Digital Control Milling Machine
Digital Control Flame Cutter 10m Large-Sized Vacuum Brazing Furnace
Digital Control Submerged Plasma Cutter Large-sized Storage Tank Automatic Girth Welding Machine
Imported Vessel Head Dishing & Flanging Machine Aluminum Submerged-Arc Welding Machine
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