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>Development Promoted by Exchanges, Progress Made by Cooperation

SASPG always attaches great importance to the academic exchanges, technical cooperation and visits between the domestic and foreign counterparts and experts, which not only encourages the research & development personnel to create the new technology but also to transform the research results into real productive forces to lay a solid foundation in its international market expansion and to enhance its international competitiveness.

The research and development of 2000~10000m3 large-size cryogenic liquid tank listed by the Chinese Government in the “National 9th five-year Plan Scientific & Technological Development” has been successfully completed by SASPG. 30000m3 LNG tank has been successfully put into operation. The manufacturer of the LNG storage tank with capacity of 30000m3 has been completed. Perlite vacuum insulation and high vacuum multi-layer insulation have been used in manufacture of the cryogenic liquid tanks which are of good technical and economic performance. Liquid hydrogen tank has been released in the market.

SASPG is the largest and strongest manufacturer in terms of designing and fabricating cryogenic valve and special valve. Series of LNG valves have been API certified and have been widely used in the petrochemical industry.

The aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger produced by SASPG has been widely used in air separation plants, natural gas separation and liquefaction plants and ethylene cold boxes. The company now has the largest vacuum brazing furnace in the world for brazing the heat exchanger core with the size up to 1350×1600×100000mm. SASPG has successfully brazed the heat exchanger with a bearing pressure up to 10.0MPa and the core size up to 1300×1100×8800mm.

SASPG has undertaken to develop one of the major national R&D projects the LNG automobile fuel cylinders, which has been already used in the buses and logistics cars.

SASPG has been undertaken to develop one of the national “863 R&D" projects-the LNG filling station system, which has been already used in the LNG filling stations of China National Offshore Oil Corporation in Shenzhen, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou and praised by users.

Being the clean energy key project of National Energy Administration, 3MWe oxygen-enriched combustion pilot test system has been evaluated, which makes SASPG take the leading position in oxygen-enriched combustion air separation technology and oxygenenriched combustion carbon capture CO2 compression purification key technology in China. SASPG has filled the domestic blank with independent intellectual property rights of ORV (Open Rack Vaporizer) the manufacture of which has been completed.

Project Cooperation Ceremony with Xi’an Jiaotong University

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