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Quality Assurance

>Quality is the essentiality of an enterprise. Satisfying our customers is our constantly pursuing target. 

SASPG has always upheld the policy "Survival Through Quality and Development Through Technology" and has established and been improving the quality control system to maintain the steady improvement in its quality management and product quality. On the basis of promoting complete quality management, SASPG has passed various technical certifications, which has further improved the quality control and assurance capability. In 1987 SASPG has obtained the license for design and manufacturing of Class III (Grade A) pressure vessels issued by the Chinese government and has passed all the license renewal reviews and in the process of license renewal review, the company has successively been granted the licenses for design of pressure vessels of Grades A1, A2, C2 and C3, the license for design of pressure pipe of Grade GC1, and the license for manufacturing Grade A1, A2, B3 and C2 pressure vessels, manufacturing license for Grade AX pressure pipe fittings (cryogenic insulation pipe), which fully covers categories of the pressure vessels, pressure pipes and fittings designed and manufactured by SASPG. In 1990 SASPG obtained the ASME Certificates and Stamps U and U2 and have passed five consecutive renewal reviews. In 1996 the company obtained the GB/T19001 certificates and has passed all the renewal review subsequently. In 2003 the cryogenic liquid tanker and semi-trailer made by SASPG were awarded the 3C compulsory certification. SASPG has also passed the EU (European Union) CE authentication for the exported air separation plants and natural gas liquefaction plant.

SASPG has more than 100 well educated quality-control responsible people for inspection, testing and NDT and nationally registered quality engineers to sufficiently meet the quality management and assurance requirement.

SASPG boasts of a large number of advanced instruments and equipment in China and the world for metering, physical & chemical testing and inspecting. Moreover the company insists on using advanced inspecting and testing measures to ensure complete inspection and test for the products and to provide high-quality product and first-rate service for the clients.

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