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In 1976, SASPG was appointed by the China central government to research and develop the turbo-expander unit for natural gas liquefaction and separation plants.

Integrating the advanced technology introduced from abroad in China's 8th Five-Year Plan period and the experiences acquired within 40 years of manufacturing, SASPG manufactures the best turbo-expanders in China, which feature higher expansion ratio, more enthalpy drop, more liquid content in expanded gas and higher efficiency. The expanders have been exported to many countries such as the Philippines, Syria, India, Myanmar and Turkey.

Booster Turbo-expander with the capacity of 93,500Nm3/h (Biggest Capacity in China) Natural Gas Booster Turbo-expander with the Capacity of 160×104Nm3/d
First 200KW Natural Gas Power Generation Expander Group in Shenzhen Rotor & Impeller

ASPG supplies the booster turbo-expanders in the air separation plants with the capacity of 1000Nm3/h~100,000Nm3/h, in the gas liquefaction plants with the capacity up to 500 T/d and in the natural gas (associated gas) liquefaction & separation plants with the capacity up to 10 million Nm3/d and the inlet pressure up to 10.0 MPa.

Almost all the turbo-expanders used in all the large oil fields are supplied by SASPG. In recent years, SASPG has developed this type of natural gas (air) pressure power generation expander and all liquid expander, of which natural gas (air) pressure power generation expander’s generating capacity is up to 4000KW and has been used in industry.

>Cryogenic Liquid Pumps

The cryogenic liquid pump is mainly used for filling and transferring the cryogenic liquids (liquid oxygen, nitrogen & argon, liquid CO2 and LNG). The pumps are widely used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, nautical industry, electronic industry, medical treatment and food industry due to low price and easy operation & maintenance.

During China's 8th Five-Year Plan period, SASPG was the only company appointed by the China central government to engage in researching and developing cryogenic liquid pumps and successively introduced the sample pumps and design & manufacture software from home and abroad. The advanced technology combined with our own experiences obtained during 40 years in design and manufacture has established SASPG leadership in the Chinese market in terms of technical performance, variety of sizes, operation & maintenance and after-sales service. The scope includes pumps filling and transferring re-filling the liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen and liquid CO2 and the spares. 

SASPG has exported the cryogenic liquid pumps used in air separation plants to Turkey, Syria and North Korea. The pump for 35 MPa high-pressure cryogenic liquid vaporizer tanker has been used in military project and aerospace industries.

L—CNG High Pressure Cryogenic Piston Pump LIN Submerged Pump (Flow: 12m3/h; Head: 250m)
Cryogenic Centrifugal Liquid Transfer Pump
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