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>High-vacuum Insulation Pipe and Welded Insulation Cylinder

In 2008, SASPG participated in “National Clean Energy Project” of National 863 Program with the mission of applying and and developing complete set of equipment of LNG station. With the design, develop and manufacture of LNG filling station, SASPG further develop the LGN/L-CNG filling station.

Filling station designed and manufactured by SASPG bears the advantage of stable and reliable process control, less liquid residual in tanks, less cold loss and gradually pressurized.

High vacuum insulated pipe manufactured by SASPG is mainly applied in large-sized, medium-sized, small-sized air separation plant, petroleum gas (natural gas) liquefaction and separation plant, and cryogenic storage and transportation equipment of liquid hydrogen, LOX, LIN, LAr and LNG and etc. with the size of DN15-DN300 or particular size as per client’s requirement. Vacuum pipes bear the advantage of low outgassing rate, long lasting vacuum and low maintenance cost.

>Automobile LNG Cylinders

In 2005, SASPG participated in The 10th Five-Year Key Programs for Science and Technology Development of China - “Research, Develop and Industrialized Automobile LNG Cryogenic Cylinders”. SASPG has researched and developed Series 150L-495L automobile LNG cylinders, which have been put into use in buses,heavy trucks, engineering vehicles in many cities.

Introduced the technology from Japan, SASPG has manufactured the cryogenic welding insulation cylinder and obtained B3 certificate from CSBTS (State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision). The product, applicable to cryogenic liquid storage of LOX, LIN, LAr and etc., has the characteristics of low evaporation rate, compact structure, easy and simple operation, safety & reliability and dual-use gas and liquid.

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High-vacuum Insulation Pipe High-vacuum Insulation Pipe High-vacuum Insulation Pipe
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