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The company has successively been granted the license for manufacture of pressure vessels of Grade A1, A2. The annual output of pressure vessel is more than 300. The equipment can meet the process need of chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, natural gas and multi-component gas. The material of pressure vessels manufactured by the company includes carbon steel, stainless steel, dual-phase steel, clad plate and etc. Since it was founded in 1982, the company has had 30 years of manufacture experience, rich experience of pressure vessel production and willingly to provide safe and reliable pressure vessels for customers in different industries in long term.

Tube-and-shell heat exchanger manufactured by the company has been long term used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, natural gas industry carrying the features of simple structure, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance.

Since 1990s, the company has begun to develop and manufacture air cooler, which is widely used in petroleum and petrochemical industry, natural gas and other industries. The air cooler has developed from single bundle type to multi-bundle type, and its motor has developed from power frequency type to variable frequency explosion-proof type and bundle structure from single tube side to multiple tube side while the length of fin tube is up to 15m. The cooling methods include dry air cooling, evaporation air cooling and composite air cooling.

Made of carbon steel, stainless steel, dual-phase steel and clad plate, the large-sized column manufactured by the company can be 37m long and with 160 ton shipping weight of single unit which is widely used in the process of washing and fractionation.

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